Dump the Plump

Dump the Plump

Dump the Plump
by Dan Kimm CH

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Want to “Dump the Plump”, become “Slim, Fit and Trim” or are you caught in the never ending “Battles of the Bulge’?”

Hypnosis is the easy way to create and maintain the goals you have in the past only dreamed about.

Imagine finally learning that you don’t need “Will Power” to make long lasting changes to a healthier lifestyle (Will Power resides the Conscious Mind)
Giving in to those pesky and annoying cravings is not a matter of IF…It is a matter of WHEN!
Think of what happens when you access your Subconscious Mind and find out what emotional factors affect our Over Eating Habits.

Think HALT
Ask yourself before you eat


It is fun to discover how easy it is to Curb the Cravings and get your Appetite Back Under Control.
Hypnosis is a safe and natural state and ability, we all have created that Daydreamlike zone while driving haven’t we?
Hypnosis is actually a state of Hyperfocused attention where you have your powerful Subconscious Mind releases your unwanted past and accept new desirable new beliefs and behaviors.
The word “Diet” does not have to mean “To Give Up”, rather think of it as an exciting adventure a second opportunity that you GET to Do…mot GOT to Do that creates a Happy New You!
Just think A Whole New Better You in less than a month with no muss and no fuss.
Think of a trained clinical hypnotist as a friend who will help you how to:
Avoid Hunger Pangs
Feel Full Fast
Movement is Improvement
Get A Mental Metabolic Boost
Create Happy, Healthy, Habits
1,2,3 HALT

He or she will help you create your unique map for your Success!
Look forward to your Life Changes Today!
Power UP! and Make it Happen!
~Dan Kimm CH~

Dan is the owner of High Sierra HypnoTherapy helping Discover your Happy New You his seventh year of practice.
This fun, fast paced presentations have him as a much requested speaker has written well over 100 humorous Life changing articles.
Dan is easily recognized as Reno’s and Northern Nevada’s most media friendly Hypnotic Expert