Fear of Flying – Hypnosis Can Calm Responses

Fear of Flying – Hypnosis Can Calm Responses

Fear of Flying – Hypnosis Can Calm Responses

by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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What do worrying and a fear of flying have in common?

They both depend on the creative power of imagination.

It is said that worrying is like praying for something bad to happen.

Some believe that obsessive thoughts can even manifest such things!

While there is no scientific evidence to support this belief, there is evidence that our thoughts can manifest physiological changes, which can certainly influence the way we are feeling and behaving.

A fear of flying can really restrict a person, preventing them from enjoying vacations, expanding their professions, connecting with people they love and in general, make them feel less whole and complete.

Think of a person who is in dread of flying…even imagining going to the airport, checking in for a flight and entering the aircraft promotes a cold sweat and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, triggering a stress response.

This physical reaction helps support the mental belief that flying is dangerous – maintaining a loop in the thought processes: flying = danger!

It’s not necessary to know where this fear was seeded; sometimes it comes from an impression made by a past experience or even just knowledge of another’s less than ideal flight, or it may be unrelated, merely manifesting in this particular form.

Hypnosis can help restructure the automatic loop that is happening within the brain, helping a client experience new, rational and calm responses to the thought of the activities related to flying.

Hypnosis clients learn how to activate feelings of their choice, no matter what they are doing or where they are, freeing themselves from unwanted and limiting thought processes and their physical counterparts. Hypnosis is safe, drug free and enjoyable.

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Kelley Woods has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for many years. She is an authority on how Hypnosis can best be utilized as a powerful tool for change. Her main office is located in Anacortes, Washington