How to Stop Chewing Tobacco

Linda Stark photo


by Linda Stark

When most people think of tobacco, they think of people smoking it. This is usually the case, but an ever growing part of our population chews tobacco to get their nicotine. People that chew often start when it is not acceptable to smoke on the job. All that is needed to chew is a cup for spitting. Sound disgusting? Most people that chew would agree. Those that they are intimate with would also agree. So why don’t they quit? Quitting chewing is just as difficult as quitting smoking and is just as addictive. More importantly, chewing tobacco has the same harmful effects on the body as smoking does.
The good news is that hypnotherapy is the best solution to stop chewing tobacco as it is to quit smoking.It takes only two appointments and that is it. During your appointment, you will receive two CD’s to listen to at home in case you need any continued support. So chew today and quit tomorrow, sound good? Take the plunge, and put the tobacco companies out of business!

Linda Stark, Change Agent