Hypnosis and Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnosis and Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnosis and Erectile Dysfunction

by Thea Pueschel

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In my practice, I have had more than a few male clients walk through my door with the concern of erectile dysfunction. The old adage often offered by well-meaning friends, family members, partners, doctors or therapists “It happens to everyone time to time”  doesn’t ease the tension and fear of the subject matter. Many clients are befuddled because when they are alone they are able to achieve erection and orgasm. Many of those who seek relief have gone through all of the medical tests and cannot remember any set physical or emotional trauma under which this issue or the fear of this issue arose. Often times this relevant yet taboo subject matter’s source is that of anticipatory anxiety.  Being anxious about being anxious and fearing rejection from a new or established partner.


Most common cases I have worked with are:

1.        The client has had 0-2 episodes of erectile dysfunction in their experience. But due to the fact that they are about to engage in an intimate manner with someone new they fear functionality.

2.       The client is very attracted to their new partner, and do not wish to disappointment them. The fear of rejection gets in the way of achieving an erection or resulting in premature discharge, or loss of erection.

3.       The client has an established partner, some form of rejection was perceived creating anticipatory anxiety upon performance. This experience seems most common and alcohol-related.


The solution? Starting with cognitive discussion to catch keywords that may be serving as blockages. Through hypnosis/guided imagery I assist my clients with releasing the fear or phobic response through metaphor creating confidence, disabling triggers and lowering stress reactions. Connecting with their bodies innate ability to function appropriately.  For continued success, I encourage eating a healthy diet with lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables as well as exercise. Quitting smoking can also help with resolving erectile dysfunction issues. Hypnosis is an effective tool in smoking cessation.


*Hypnosis is a great way to overcome fears and phobias however if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction it is imperative to have your physical health examined. Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of diabetes, heart disease or a number of other serious health-related issues.

Thea Pueschel is a Los Angeles based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports Mind Coach, Yoga Teacher and artist of living