Hypnosis Myths

Hypnosis Myths

“Hypnosis Myths”

by James Hazlerig

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Hypnosis Myth #1:

Because of cartoons and b-grade horror movies, a lot of people think that hypnotists have
the power to control other people’s minds.

If that were true, why would hypnotists waste their time helping people like you stop
smoking, shed pounds, manage stress, overcome fears, and get relief from chronic pain—
all for a lot less than conventional medicine costs?

If hypnosis were mind control, wouldn’t hypnotists just walk into banks and walk out
with all the money?

Well, it turns out that hypnosis is not what you saw on television. That’s right—Saturday
morning cartoons lied to you!

While hypnosis won’t let a hypnotist control your actions, it can let you gain more control
over your own habits, cravings, reactions, and limiting beliefs. In other words, it helps
you control your mind—which helps you control your life.

Hypnosis Myth #2: Amnesia

Hypnotist: Have you ever been hypnotized?
Client: Not that I recall!

It’s a popular misconception that if you can remember what happened, you weren’t really
hypnotized. This is nonsense.

Some people do experience amnesia during hypnosis. However, most people remember
the entire experience, especially the first several times. For some, it’s a little hazy, like a
quickly forgotten dream. For others, it’s a bit like a movie—you know you were alert the
whole time, but you might not remember every single scene later.

The good news is that you can experience all the benefits of hypnosis while remaining
aware the whole time and recalling every detail.

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I'm a professional hypnotist and musician living in Bastrop County, Texas

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