Is the Glass Half Full, or is it Half Empty?

Is the Glass Half Full, or is it Half Empty?

By Stephanie Levine, Hypnotherapist

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Why is it so important to strive for self improvement?

In a lifetime you will meet many challenges; some self-imposed, others from outside influences. Some can be burdensome, others easy, no matter. These challenges are what helps to define you. What is important is the personal responsibility with which you accept them. It is your inner character that helps you cope with them.

Life is difficult at best, but can be interpreted as a half full glass or a half empty one; the choice will be yours. If you choose the first, then overcoming a difficult challenge will be tolerable, if not, you will always be miserable. Again, the decision is yours.

But, understand this, if you try and look at your most challenging times as an accomplishment, (whether you achieve your goals or not), and see it as a way to improve yourself, than you can accomplish most of your dreams, plus face whatever life deals you. If so, then you will have become a stronger, more self confident, poised, responsible, happy human being.

This comes with hiccups of course. Others might see these traits as tenacious, or bullish. However, it doesn’t matter what others think. It is what is inside YOU that will make you the man to which you will be.

Go after each and every dream you wish to achieve. An accomplishment is something you have tried, regardless of its outcome.

Stephanie Levine

Through hypnotherapy, my greatest desire is to help you reach your goals, your greatest potential, and to assist you in resolving problems that might be keeping you from having a fulfilling and successful life.