Move Forward and Let Go All Fear

Move Forward and Let Go All Fear

by Janyelle Huff
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The tool of hypnosis is truly a tool to help one overcome, release, move forward and let go all fear.

Whatever you call the symptom/ action/ habit you are fearing to change on your own, is your own block from doing so. Hypnosis allows one to relax, let go and accept new programming opposite of the fear or behavior.

Going deeper into reprogramming is simply changing the flow of blood or pathway in the mind to flow in a new direction for a new or wanted behavior.

Now, thinking of that for a moment, let’s go deeper and look at the trigger factor that allows the behavior to occur.

Yes, there is an experience or belief held about the symptom/action/ habit in your mind that is fear based. Answer this question, “Who would you be without that symptom/ action/ habit in your life or programming?” Most will answer, “I don’t know” or “I will be happier” However, you answer is right for you. Most do not know the new outcome, they just now they do not want this fear of action/ habit/ symptom to continue for many of their own reasons.

The fear of the “NEW” behavior outcome keeps most people stuck in their comfort zone and no change is made.

Using hypnosis, allows for the conscious fear based mind to be quiet or entertained by walking on beach, forest or place of peace. Once the conscious mind is busy relaxing.. the hypnosis of new programming begins by the unconscious programming and change is made without all the fears held in the conscious mind that attempt to stop the desired change it ultimately fears.

Once new programming is in place, you are brought back to consciousness with new desired result. Is it that simple? “Yes”. Must you believe in it? No, hypnosis is not based on the belief that it will work, it works whether you believe in it or not. It’s unconscious programming brought to life consciously.

Remember, you always have the choice of bringing the fear, action or habit back.. that is your free will.

Hypnosis is simply a tool to help you move forward and not back into old habits or patterns. What are you ready to let go of now? Yes, hypnosis can do that easily for you. Relax, trust and be amazed!

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Janyelle Huff helps those ready to succeed in all areas of their lives, letting go of habits, addictions, and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.

One comment on “Move Forward and Let Go All Fear
  1. Matsepo says:

    Hypnosis, is unfortunately like other non medicinal interventions, but it works. We are led into believing that there is a pill for everything. We treat addictions with other addictions!