New Years Resolutions are Horrible for Most People

New Years Resolutions are Horrible for Most People

“New Year’s resolutions are horrible for most people! But..businesses like Gym’s and weight loss clinics love them”

by Janice Todd

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People love a fresh start and make these resolutions with good intentions, and the money they put out for a years membership for the gym, or joining weight loss programs is probably the most profitable time for these businesses!

The downside to making New Year’s resolutions is…most people don’t keep them.

Psychologically, while they laugh it off that they didn’t do what they had set out to do, there is a sense of “failure”.

Then there is the family and friends going “your not going to do that, you have been saying that each year! LOL”..and that plays on ones mind too.

Re-enforces the fact that you won’t succeed! If there is something you would like to change, a goal you would like to achieve..DON’T TELL ANYONE! DON’T WRITE IT DOWN! If you end up not doing it, no big deal, it’s just something that when the time is right for you, you will do it.

Janice Todd, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, is a Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy, and is Certified in Metaphysical Counseling and Past Life Regression. She will help you “Cope More” with your day to day life, as that’s what she’s named her practice.