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”Smokers, who quit with hypnosis were twice a likely to still be smoke-free than those
who quit on their own.”

—Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2005

1. University of Iowa meta-study- 1992: Hypnosis RULED in the largest-ever scientific comparison of
ways to quit smoking. Results showed that a visit to a hypnotist beat out a psychologist, social worker,
psychiatrist and other physicians by a margin of 19% (or one to five). This meta-analysis of 633 studies of
quit smoking programs covered more than 72,000 people in America and Europe and was conducted by the
University of Iowa. Those who saw a hypnotist had a 3.5 times better result than those trying to quit on
their own.

2. Study Review of 59 studies – 2000: Hypnosis had a 50% greater success rate compared to other
techniques. Three of the studies (with 200 participants total) documented 12-month abstention rates of 63%
to 88%.

3. University of Washington, School of Medicine- 2001 : 39 of 43 people given hypnosis, were still not
smoking 6 months to 3 years after (90.6% success rate).

4. Texas A & M Health Study- 2004: Twenty-one people received 3-sessions of smoking cessation
hypnosis; 81% reported that they had stopped smoking, 48% continued tobacco free 12 months later and
95% said “I was satisfied with the hypnosis approach.”

5. Massive Studies Affirm: 2,810 people, who unsuccessfully attempted smoking cessation an average of
7 times, had a single 60-minute hypnosis session. They were encouraged to use a home audiotape. Several
months later 22% of those in random sampling reported being smoke free.

6. Another report, reviewed a hypnotist’s experience and techniques with 4,355 patients, citing an 81%
success rate for smoking cessation.

7. 1970s Report: Smokers attended a single group hypnosis session. Though each claimed to have been
unsuccessful with other methods 88% had not smoked 1-year later.

8. Hypnosis with Aversion Therapy: Combining hypnosis with aversive techniques (rapid smoking with
negative imagery and aggressive electrical shocks) resulted in a 3-month abstention rate of 86% of male
and 87% of female volunteers. Another study that combined hypnosis with aversion methods reported a
90% abstention rate (39 of 43 consecutive referral people) at 6 to 36 months.

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