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….Are You Ready to Quit?…

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To help determine if you want to quit, take this little quiz. If you don’t score at
least 7 out of 10, don’t call us yet. Wait until you really want to quit and are really
QUIZ: Answer each question Y for yes and N for no.
1. I’ve tried at least one other method to stop smoking.
2. I’ve thought about quitting for at least 6 months.
3. I can clearly imagine how great my life will be without cigarettes.
4. I’ve already told friends/family members that I am going to quit.
5. I can think of at least 5 major reasons why I want to stop
6. I believe that I could relax or calm myself easily without smoking
if I knew how, and I’m very willing to learn how.
7. I realize I will have to do a few things differently when I quit to be successful, and it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to the
positive changes I will create in my life.
8. I’m ready to quit lying to myself that cigarettes help me in any
way. I truly believe that cigarettes are 100% bad for me.
9. I realize that I will die if I keep smoking and that even if I smoke
just a few, it’s killing me slowly every day.
10. I “want” hypnosis to work. I’ll keep an open mind, and do my
part to be successful during and after my session so I can be a
non-smoker for the rest of my life.
SCORE: Give one point for each “yes” answer.


0-3 not ready yet
You just aren’t quite prepared to do what it takes. You need the right mindset, the
right attitude, and the right level of determination. No matter what system or method
you use, they ALL require that you do your part. Hypnosis is no different. If you’re
expecting a magic pl
or someone to do it all for you, forget it! You
will fail. This
requires your full participation
Of course, it’s terribly important that you quit smoking, but you can’t do it until you’re
ready. Think about your motivation, your resistance, and your hesitation. You need to
be very sure this is what you want to do. You might want to talk to your doctor, call us
and talk through what’s standing in your way, research online how damaging smoking
really is, or simply wait until you feel more prepared to take responsibility and be
accountable for your choices. You are in control of what happens in your life, and there’s
something in the way of you making the right decision
4-6 Fence-sitter. Close but not sure!
You’ve got a lot of the right answers and your thinking is pretty good but there is still
something holding you back. FIND OUT WHAT IT IS! You probably aren’t ready quite
yet. Check-in with yourself on a gut level are you REALLY serious that this is the life
Change you want to make, or are you just “flirting” with the possibility? There is a
difference between a “choice” and a “preference
If you “prefer” to stop smoking, your
state of mind, circumstances or mood of the moment can change your preference, and
you’ll be back to smoking the first time you get stressed or are out having a good time
and pick up a cigarette for the “heck of i
A decision is something that stands in place no matter what the circumstances of the
moment. You just do it no matter what. It takes a certain determination and
seriousness. You made a decision to get married, or take a job, or buy a house. You
can’t change your mind or do something different because you had a bad day or didn’t
feel like it
You see it through because it’s part of the life and lifestyle that you truly
want and that desire is reflected in your decision. Becoming a non-smoker works the
same way. It’s a decision. And it’s one you make with the same seriousness that you do
other important choices. Perhaps you need more clarity or more information. If so
please feel free to call us, or look around on the website for more information. You need
to BE VERY SURE you want to do this
7-100 I’M READY!
Congratulations! Your answers indicate that you have every possibility of success. You
understand that your thinking and choices have everything to do with being a successful
and happy non-smoker, and you’re ready to do your part. You have an open mind and
you WANT to take control of your own life and your own behaviors and be a non-smoker
for the rest of your life. There will be no more lies about cigarettes “helping” you, and
you are looking forward to having a longer, healthier life, free from the smell, cost, and
confinement of the habit of smoking. You’re ready to be FREE! Good for you. Call us
and make your appointment NOW!!!



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