Spider, Snake and Bug Phobia

Spider, Snake and Bug Phobia

“Spider, Snake and Bug Phobia”

by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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A fear of spiders, snakes and other poisonous creatures is a healthy biological function in humans.

This cautionary mechanism keeps us aware and respectful of the need to give creepy crawlies a wide berth. Sometimes, though, this natural fear reaction blooms into a phobia, which is an intensified emotional and physical aversion that is often beyond control.

In milder cases, phobias can limit enjoyment of the outdoors and even photos or movies with the offending subject matter.

In more severe cases, phobic reactions can be extremely stressful and even dangerous; symptoms include panicky feelings with difficulty breathing, elevated heart rate, limited circulation, cognitive interference and more.

Hypnosis helps retrain the phobic response to stimuli by restructuring neural pathways in the brain. Imagine being able to remain calm when viewing a spider or a snake! On a subconscious level, the exaggerated response is permanently changed to one of either no adverse reaction or one of reasonable response, depending on the situation. Hypnosis can free you of your creature phobias.

Kelley Woods has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for many years. She is an authority on how Hypnosis can best be utilized as a powerful tool for change. Her main office is located in Anacortes, Washington