The Art of Mindful Eating

The Art of Mindful Eating

“The Art of Mindful Eating”

by James Hazlerig

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Most people, especially those among us who are overweight, love the taste of food—and

yet how often do we bolt down our food, barely tasting it?

One effective strategy for weight control is to actually take time to enjoy our food. After
all, it’s easy to overeat if you just shovel food down your throat. However, if you take
your time to truly enjoy food, you’ll be satisfied with much less.

Imagine a plate of food in front of you. Before taking a bite, spend a moment just looking
at it, breathing deeply as you notice the colors and shapes. Say a prayer of gratitude if it
suits you. Then pick up your fork or spoon and slowly, carefully get a small amount of
food on it.

Bring the food slowly to your lips and sniff it, savoring the aromas, before you gently
place it on your tongue. Then chew it slowly, noting the textures and flavors. Put down
your fork while you do this; you might even close your eyes as you chew your food
thoroughly. Notice that even after you swallow you can still taste it.

Take a deep breath and relax before your next bite. You’ll find that by taking your time,
you easily find satisfaction with just the right amount of food.

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I'm a professional hypnotist and musician living in Bastrop County, Texas

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One comment on “The Art of Mindful Eating
  1. How true. People forget that it takes 15-20 minutes for the signal from your stomach that says “I’m satisfied” to reach the brain! Slow down. Eat the way that nature intended. Eat less, and enjoy life more!