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Coaching Minds To Succeed Through Hypnosis

: Don L. Price is a Master Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Sales/Marketing, Positive Change Solutions Provider. He has more than 46 years of high-level corporate experience (Pepsi, Canada Dry, Aaron Brothers, etc.) in behavior modification, marketing, sales, sales training, management, and personal success coaching.
In addition to a strong corporate back ground he is a Master Hypnotherapist
, dedicated to his private practice, coaching individuals and groups for achieving greater success in overcoming fears, building greater self-confidence, losing weight, becoming a more dynamic sales person, improve athletic abilities, stop smoking and changing unproductive negative behaviors.
For more than 32 years Don has been responsible for training and speaking to over 250,000 individuals and companies, throughout America.
His past speaking and training programs focused on using proven techniques of self-hypnosis to:

• Increase sales

• Reduce stress, overcome procrastination and fears

• Balance business, family and personal life

• Sales and marketing strategies for greater personal and business success

Don is the author of:

• Power through Hypnosis (Audio)

• Hypnosis Cd Library (Audio)

Today… he is dedicated to his private Hypnotherapy and Coaching practice devoting most all of his energy working with people who not satisfied in living a life of pain and misery but who want to have a positive change with happiness, pleasure and inner peace.

Don is masterfully skilled in all areas of Hypnotherapy in helping people to:

• Lose weight

• Stop smoking

• Overcoming procrastination

• Improve memory – retention & comprehension

• Stress control and manage anxiety

• Sports excellence, sleep, confidence, and self esteem

• Sales, marketing, management and leadership confidence

• Post and pre surgical fears and more.

Don lives in Los Angeles CA, — and has been is a who’s who in Professional Speaking.
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4 comments on “Don L Price
  1. There are rare exceptions in science, art, music, sports and all other industries where mastermind (genius) is descriptive of masterful talent. Leonardo the Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thelonious Monk, are but a minuscule of individuals who developed through nature. Whereas the rest of us worked to awaken, develop and pursue with belief and passion to hone our mind power (mental mastery).

    I was extremely fortunate, earlier in my life, to be schooled in the 'Conscious Competence Theory' (Stages of learning a new skill or behavior). A tool I would highly recommend all hypnotherapist master themselves. Not having the space here to indulge you in the why… I will only say that until you as a hypnotherapist reach the level of enlightened mastery can you qualify as a Master Hypnotherapist.

    When working with clients my goals is, as I tell them, it is… "My greatest aspiration is to help you achieve the RESULTS you want with the best possible success coaching and Hypnotherapeutic solutions and in the shortest possible time. Veiled behind that statement is to have them reach the level of "unconscious competence for permanent positive change.

  2. Judy says:

    I have talked to jim zinger today and I explained to him what I needed I’m in pretty bad pain as I have a compression family L of y lumbar spine I’m in a rehab facility. I had taken part in a program with Jim in 80s in palm springs but havent used the hypnosis much lately. If you can help me I’d really appreciate it the only thing is I only have a cell phone with me here.

  3. Don L Price says:

    Can’t Find a Qualified Master Hypnotist Where You Live… FINALLY… A Professional Hypnotherapist and Success Coach You Can Work With in the Convenience and Comfort of Your Home From Anywhere in the USA.

    I offer private Hypnotherapy Sessions and Success Coaching over your personal computer using Skype. Regardless of where you live you can enjoy the convenience of having your private hypnosis session(s) or success coaching session(s) from your home, office or from wherever you choose.

    All coaching programs are highly personalized and can last up to several months working very closely with our clients.

    Our first consultation requires a personal interview to determine which program is appropriate for your particular needs and wants.

    Our “Coaching” programs are one-on-one sessions and meet weekly.

    In each session our clients can expect to work on goals, attitudes, behaviors, and accountability for getting the results they desire.

    Each coaching meeting will actively include a hypnosis session and covers the most important issue facing our clients.

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