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Pleasant Valley,
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Susan Olin-Dabrowski’s involvement with alternative healing modalities goes back over thirty years and encompasses hypnotherapy
, energy-based bodywork, Reiki healing, spirituality in many forms, nutrition and healthful lifestyle choices. In my desire to deepen my understanding and experience of the healing process I continue to explore a variety of healing modalities.

I am in my 14th year practicing Hypnotism and a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California. HTI is a California State Licensed School and diplomas are authorized by the State of California. My level of training is Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. My most recent training in Hypnotism (2008) has been Certification in Somatic Healing as taught by David Quigley. Somatic Healing addresses the deep connections between mind and body

I am in my 13th year practicing Reiki Healing and my tenth year as a Reiki Master Teacher. I have had formal training in Shiatsu and Polarity Therapy, which included studies in mind-body relationships. My Reiki sessions and workshops are a synthesis of everything I have learned that is relevent to healing. Most recently (2007-present) I have been exploring the healing work being done at the Casa de Dom Inacio through the medium Joao de Deus (John of God).

Susan Olin-Dabrowski has a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Studies and an Associates degree in Dietetic Technology

. My degree in education has given me the understanding that people have different ways of learning. Everything that I do is about sharing knowledge, whether it be taking you into a hypnotic trance state, guiding you in knowing how to know and take care of yourself better or designing an effective and enjoyable workshop or presentation. My degree in dietetics has given me the tools to be healthy. We are what we eat. Keeping current on the latest nutrition information is a task – luckily I love the science part. Those coming to me for appetite control get the benefit of my interest through a variety of handouts and resource suggestions for making healthy food choices. I was very fortunate back in the late ’90s to receive a certificate in Alternative and Complementary Healthcare from Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY. This program gave me a wonderful overview of this field and a sense of validity for alternative modalities in today’s world.

I have taken many classes and read many books but I must admit that I have learned the most by practicing and working with hundreds of people over the years.

Lastly, my own personal healing journey has given me compassion and a sincere respect for those seeking to transform. It is my desire to bring to my work a sense of balance, practicality, humor and love.

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