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After studying complimentary healing modalities during the 1970’s, Wilfred Hunt obtained his Minister of Spiritual Counseling from an Inter-faith Seminary in New York City. Combining this counseling work with his studies of fundamental Archetypes led to his training and certification as a Hypnotherapist in the early 1980’s.

Over the years, he has synergized various divergent treatment modalities into successful programs which can be used for habit modification in areas such as: Stop Smoking, Anxiety; Compulsion, Self harm, Low Self esteem, Interference from Unwanted Sources, Poor Eating, Self sabotage, and Addictions.

Especially for Stop Smoking clients who are feeling: frustrated; out of control; or wanting “just one more cigarette before I stop” or “nothing has worked yet in stopping”
; a deep brain re-wiring is necessary. For every client, while sharing many common thought processes, has traveled a unique road and journey to arrive at their own present moment. As a therapist and counselor, I feel we must look to the past to see where on our journey we have veered off the road we now would like to be on. Then it becomes a healing process, with the aid of the conscious mind, to re-train our unconscious and bring about our new desired results.

This transformation is quick and fairly easy and can usually be accomplished in three sessions. However, it does require a motivation to change, the courage to honestly assess where you are and how you got there, and a strong desire to do the work. But if you’re willing to start a different journey – you can have that life which you’ve secretly dreamed of having.

I promise that I will be there to help you. Together we can do this! You are not alone.

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    Wilfred Hunt tell our readers more about the Inter-faith Seminary in New York City.