Healing and Hypnotherapy

Healing and Hypnotherapy

“Healing and Hypnotherapy”

by Shayn Cutino

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Hypnotherapy uses the techniques of suggestion and trance like states to access the deepest levels of an individuals mind to achieve positive changes in his or her physical and mental health. Hypnosis, a technique used in hypnotherapy, is the most powerful nonpharmacological relaxing agent known to science and can be best described as a state of focused attention that facilitates access to the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis enables you to make productive changes to your inner self by working with your subconscious mind.

The main objective for induction into hypnosis is to quiet the conscious mind and make the unconscious mind more accessible. The reason this is so effective is because the unconscious mind is noncritical, and suggestions have a better chance of being more effectual than they would if given during a waking state.

Eve though the changes you have not been able to make in the past but want to make are in your best interest and would greatly improve your quality of life and personal health, they still elude you. Five years ago Mary Wilson (name changed to protect real identity) suffered a neck on the job. Her life became a chronic neck pain nightmare inundated with migraines, depression and an excessive weight gain of sixty pounds. Mary began to define herself by her pain, which had taken over her life. It became increasingly difficult for Mary to create any positive thoughts for her well-being and personal health as long as these traumatic experiences dominated her subconscious.

The wonderful thong about the subconscious is that while it can work against us, as in Mary’s case, it can be used as our most powerful ally to effect positive changes in our lives. The subconscious contains all of our memories from the past, your belief system, and sensory information from all five senses. There are thongs stored from the most traumatic experiences of our lives and from repetitive negative thoughts we have had about ourselves or been told to us by others. Unfortunately, our subconscious does not have a sense of humor or a sense of time, the therefore everything from the gentle jibes we may get from a coworker about having love handles to the teasing from a classmate about not being cool enough are stored as serious, real and current realities. The negative imprints, also called blocks or obstacles, get in the way of our more positive thoughts and ideas, which can produce physical symptoms.

Mary Wilson embraced hypnotherapy to assist her in overcoming her chronic neck pain and migraines. Through the process of hypnotherapy, Mary was able to remove the negative imprints that had impacted her daily life. More importantly, hypnotherapy enabled her to reclaim her self-confidence and inner strength, allowing herself to become the adventurous, spontaneous, loving person that she was before her injury.

Some medical conditions may appear beyond one’s ability to control and re frequently the most distressing aspects of being ill.

Learning how to relax will provide you with a sense of confidence in your ability to focus your mind and influence your body. Additionally, conditions caused or aggravated by stress often respond to relaxation techniques used in hypnotherapy.

So before you decide to make better choices in your life, consider this: explore the idea that the key to good health lies within your own mind. Understanding this and deciding how to use it to your highest potential is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Reclaim your desire for good health and a great life!

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She's a professional Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a Behavioral Therapist Public Speaker.Also a member of the AAPH. Shayn Cutino is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and holds certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Shayn engages with individuals on a holistic level provoking self awareness, education and thought.