How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?

“How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?”

by James Hazlerig, MA, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

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Mindfulness is a simple meditation technique that many hypnosis practitioners use to

help their clients quit smoking for good.

See, in mindfulness, you learn to let a thought be a thought, a feeling just be a feeling,

and a craving just be a craving.

For most smokers, there is no distance between having the thought of a cigarette and

lighting up. Mindfulness is about the art of putting distance between our thoughts and our

actions, so that the though of a cigarette no longer means what it used to. It is simply a

reminder of how good you feel now that you are free from cigarettes.

A good hypnosis practitioner will have many tools to help you stop smoking, and

mindfulness is an important one.