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Why the New Field of Epigenetics Is Changing the Way We Look at Smoking

Epigenetic Reprogramming

Epigenetic Reprogramming and the Smoking Burden In this day and age, it is quite impossible not to uncover all of the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes. Not only has Johns Hopkins recently discovered over 7,000 related chemicals that are associated

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Effects of Smoking on the Respiratory System

effects tobacco respiratory system

  Many people are aware of the common knowledge of the negative effects that smoking has on the respiratory system. What’s really alarming in the fact that destruction to the human body happens to both regular smokers and those that

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Mental Effects of Smoking – What are the Mental Emotional Effects of Tobacco?

mental effects of quitting smoking

  Even though the majority of people understand that there are consequences to smoking cigarettes, over twenty five percent of the population still continue to smoke. Research continues to uncover the underlying themes of reasons why people smoke and the

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How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?

James Hazlerig photo

“How Can Mindfulness Help Me Stop Smoking?” by James Hazlerig, MA, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Mindfulness is a simple meditation technique that many hypnosis practitioners use to help their clients quit smoking for good.

Negative Effects of Second Hand Cigarette Smoke

dangers of secondhand smoke exposure

  There is a growing amount of scientific evidence, which covers everything from research on the molecular level to covering whole communities around the world, which refutes that secondhand smoke contributes to disease. Tobacco is the cause of over 90%

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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Very Last Cigarette

Last Cig Photo

by Mark Barrus Look forward to crushing it out in the parking lot right before your appointment Your smoking habit is a ritual of one cigarette after another, and another. Plus futzing with the lighter, and making sure you have

Who are these “Experts” that are contemplating the end of smoking?

AP Photo-Dan Grossi.jpg

by Mark Barrus Mike Stobbe of the Associated Press (AP Medical Writer) Wrote a very good article recently, with a very provocative title called Experts increasingly contemplate end of smoking   AP Photo-Dan Grossi.jpg   I just wanted to compliment

Do You Want to Break the Habit of Smoking?

Jackie Foskett photo

“Do You Want to Break the Habit of Smoking?” By Jackie Foskett, Certified Hypnotherapist & Hypno-Coach Stress Relief Specialist The American Cancer Society’s The Great American Smoke-Out Day is a great time to break the habit of smoking! We would

Would You Smoke in a Car With Your Children in it?

local8 photo

by Mark Barrus Why Does Your State Allow Smoking in the Same Car with Children Inside? I just wanted to talk about the importance of the laws that prohibit adults from endangering innocent children. This includes children all the way

Should the Smoking Age Be Raised to 21?

Mark Barrus

by Mark Barrus Michael Winter of USA TODAY wrote an article Friday about how the states of Utah and Colorado could be raising the smoking age to 21   I was unaware that New York City and Hawaii County had