Hypnosis Handles Smoking Cravings in Several Ways

Hypnosis Handles Smoking Cravings in Several Ways

“Hypnosis Handles Smoking Cravings in Several Ways”

by James Hazlerig

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“I had decided to quit smoking,” said Jack Hanover, “but I was really worried about the cravings.”

As it turned out, Jack’s hypnotist had several ways of making cravings a non-issue.

“First, he explained to me what cravings really are,” Jack confided in an interview. “It turns out some of what I thought were cravings had more to do with the sugar content of cigarettes than the nicotine.” Cigarettes contain up to 18% sugar.

Even though Jack’s hypnotist gave him suggestions that his cravings would be minimal, the professional also taught Jack several ways to handle cravings if they occurred.

“I learned how to feel a craving and not act on it, or how to change the craving so it would just melt away. It was like magic,” Jack said.

“Ultimately, quitting with hypnosis was easy,” Jack added. “The mind really is powerful.”

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5 comments on “Hypnosis Handles Smoking Cravings in Several Ways
  1. In the hands of an experienced professional you can quit the habit with ease. The vast majority of my clients have little to no withdrawl pains and are always equipped to handle any cravings that might come up. We have a better than 90% success rate– and yes, we do deal with the effects of the sugar and other additives, which do indeed contribute to creating the cravings. James and Mark are quite correct.

  2. Mark Barrus says:

    James Hazlerig I've found that many of the additives are at the beginning of the cigarette, sugar included. John McGrail had me try to cut off the end of one, and the friend who smoked it said that it tasted completely different.

  3. Mark Barrus says:

    James Hazlerig John McGrail The burn enhancer that keeps the cigarette burning is responsible for 100's of deaths every year in apartment fires. Why won't politicians touch it? It's like the way that they deal with the NRA; not a single politician, that I'm aware of, will take a stand. I mean let's at least get someone on Piers Morgan to address tobacco deaths caused by someone falling asleep with a lit cigarette.

    • As 0far as I can see it comes down to money . The government will recall thousands of toys because of a very small amount of lead in the paint. Yet as you say thousands of adults and teens die every year fro fires and the big C!
      So why? Money The government makes lots of taxes on the product. In Canada people are now suing the government . It’s time they protect us not feed off of us ,,,Right ..

  4. Hi
    In Canada the government has now covered the cost of Pills, patches and other medical items to stop Smoking. As john said I have a 90% success rate with help clients stop without cravings and putting on weight. I even give a second session just to boost my clients confidence and self Esteem so they remain free of the habit for life. Now this year I do Stop Smoking by Skype across many countries. So yes if you smoke then stop with Hypnosis. It works well and it will be the most relaxing and rewarding decision you will ever make.
    Ron Thompson ACCHT