Hypnosis Myth Number 7: Hypnosis Feels Weird

Hypnosis Myth Number 7: Hypnosis Feels Weird

“Hypnosis Myth Number 7: Hypnosis Feels Weird”

by James Hazlerig, MA, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

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HypnoMyth #7: Hypnosis Feels Weird

Hypnosis actually feels pretty familiar, because you pass through something similar to hypnotic trance every night as you fall asleep and every morning as you wake up.

In fact, to find out what hypnosis feels like, do this little experiment: close your eyes, silently count to five, and then open your eyes.

Done? That’s what light hypnosis feels like. You still knew who you are, what day of the week it is. You could hear sounds around you, but they didn’t matter. And you could hear your own voice counting from one to five.

In hypnosis, your inner voice might come along for the ride, or it might get bored and wander off.

Now, if you were to close your eyes and picture yourself having the best day ever, imagining every detail, and do that for about ten minutes, you’d feel great.

And that’s what longer hypnosis feels like: a stress-free vacation.

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I'm a professional hypnotist and musician living in Bastrop County, Texas