If your life really depended on it, could you change?

If your life really depended on it, could you change?
by Elise Fee


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Would you?

Most people quickly answer ‘yes, I would’, but then don’t. In fact, a study about post-heart-attack patients showed that even though they knew their life was at risk, they still didn’t adopt the changes needed to make their lives healthier.

The real answer is a conditional ‘yes’ – you’ll weigh what you have to do to change and what it means to live with those changes vs. going without change and maintaining the status quo.

Unless the pain of the status quo is too great to bear, the answer is usually ‘no.’

But why wait until the pain is too great to bear? Why not take charge and make your life better NOW, before it hurts so much that you can’t stand it?

I know how. And I’ll teach YOU how in a customized, small group coaching program where you’ll receive plenty of attention, the support of a loving, small community, and the ideal environment for your transformation.


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Elise Fee is a Consulting Hypnotist, Life Mentor and Writer. She is also a Life Expansion Coach who works one on one with people who are searching for betterment in their lives. Is it your SITUATION that needs to change, or is it YOU? Take the next step and connect with Elise, then watch how you and your life unfold with more ease.