Kids in Hypnosis Part 3 Hypnosis and Teens

Kids in Hypnosis Part 3 Hypnosis and Teens

“Kids in Hypnosis Part 3 Hypnosis and Teens”

by Kelley Woods, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Isn’t it interesting that even though every adult was once a teen, it can still seem as though this phase of life is almost alien?! Even in the most balanced of families, it is possible for a joyful and loving child to turn into a surly and resistant adversary and this transformation can happen almost overnight.

Add hormonal influxes such as a “testosterone storm”, negative influences from peers, body image issues, difficult family dynamics, health problems, insufficient sleep and poor nutrition, etc., and you have the recipe for one unhappy young person, which probably also means an unhappy family unit.

Life is complicated and challenging for young people and now, more than ever, it is important for them to raise their E.Q. (emotional quotient) even while they are moving through their academic education. Unfortunately, unless a child has some enlightened role models to whom they are receptive, this part of their development may be neglected.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is the fascination teens have with…themselves! They love to view the world through their own eyes and their own feelings and as a result they are highly interested in learning more about themselves. Hypnosis is an ideal modality for not only helping young people discover who they really are, but it also assists them in creating and executing desired outcomes for themselves.

Children of all ages build self-esteem through experience, by accomplishing small and large tasks. Hypnosis is an experiential, interactive approach that changes the way a person feels about themselves and the world around them. Through hypnosis, teens gain a sense of mastery over their thoughts and feelings, which also helps them control their actions and reactions.

When hypnosis is presented as a fun and dynamic experience, teens are entranced by the mystery and phenomena while learning that their marvelous subconscious minds are a protective and amazing force, one which they can access and utilize for the benefit of themselves and others. Being introduced to this ability can open a door that will enhance their lives in unlimited ways.

Please remember that any healing modality that applies to children should also consider the family dynamic and it is often desirable and even necessary for other family members to make adjustments. When a parent or caregiver is open to taking responsibility for their own role and eager to learn how to move forward, a teen is much more willing to engage in the process.

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Kelley Woods has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for many years. She is an authority on how Hypnosis can best be utilized as a powerful tool for change. Her main office is located in Anacortes, Washington