Lap band hypnosis weight loss therapy


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Whether its surgery or simulation, doctors and therapists agree, the band is just a tool. It usually does not work alone without nutrition advice and counseling.

In the U.S., band procedures have become more popular than gastric bypass.

Using a special hypnosis technique, therapist Andrea Crouch has been working with client Diane Marie to help her stop overeating.

“Eat only the appropriate amounts for the small stomach you now have,” Crouch said.

This is a demonstration of Hypno-band.

On her headset, Marie hears operating room noises.

Meanwhile, she visualizes having an actual band placed around her stomach.

“I’m walking through the steps of what’s going on in that environment,” Crouch said. “Now your doctor is speaking to you. Now the doctor is putting on the band. Now you are starting to feel a slight tightness in the stomach area.”

Andrea Preisler Crouch

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