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Does Hypnotherapy Work for Depression and Anxiety?

hypnosis to reduce stress anxiety

Anxiety and Depression Solutions with Clinical Hypnotherapy   An anxiety attack is a natural part of life; it has no specific cause, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. This part of life is a normal part of what you do

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Addressing Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment With Hypnosis

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms

  Stop Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Start Living The new season of Saturday Night Live is quite a bit different than seasons past. Those that have watched this long-running comedy show for a significant period of time will remember Doug and

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Clinical Hypnosis Studies Addressing Aichmophobia

how to get over fear of needles and blood

    Whether it’s donating blood, receiving a vaccine or receiving complete anesthetic, the process is difficult for almost anybody. And some unfortunate people are particularly affected by the unpleasant process of getting injections, some even going so far as

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A Guide On Using Hypnosis For Anxiety

hypnosis for anxiety and depression

What exactly is anxiety?   Anxiety, usually referred to as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) by psychiatrists is a debilitating mental condition that is surprisingly common. Approximately 5% of the world’s population suffers from some form of anxiety and almost twice

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