Don’t Expect to Downsize at Large Group Hypnosis Seminars

Don’t Expect to Downsize at Large Group Hypnosis Seminars

by Mark Barrus
Mark Barrus

Downsizing at Large Group Seminars is Unlikely to Be Successful in the Long Run

Kitty Downsized photo

Kitty says Pawsitively no to Downsizing with Group Hypnosis

I joke about how people expect to “Downsize” quick, fast, and easily, but the reality of it is that we are all very different people.

Even cats are different from each other. Some sit around all day and will eat, eat, eat, and others will roam and explore and just nibble all day.

I never promote, or even recommend, seminars to lose weight specifically. Don’t expect to downsize at them, but they can have benefit from an informational standpoint.

Big groups are too impersonal to be able to help everyone in the room.

Get the help you need individually, and you’ll stand a better chance to keep the weight off

Sometimes I come across a hypnosis seminar in the news and like getting my two cents in there about
the importance of one-on-one sessions instead of those big groups.

We are all different people, and the person sitting next to you at one of those seminars may have completely different reasons, or triggers, for overeating.

Get some information, then seek out a hypnotist or hypnotherapist for individual sessions.

I was in reading the news about one such seminar, and just wish people would look at these groups as orientations, and not a cheap fix.

She suggested to those taking part in a demonstration last week that they get comfortable. They would go into a heightened state of consciousness, she said, and would not lose consciousness. Everyone was asked to close their eyes and relax, while she counted to three slowly.

“You will go into a state of peacefulness, Imagine every time you breathe, you are in a wave of peace. The ocean of peace is to the right and the left of you, connecting you to a life force that is all around you.

Remember that people are different, and we all have different reasons for being overweight

These specific triggers are different for most people. That’s what makes us unique, just like our pets.

Who knows, maybe your cat is copying your behavior. My dog sure did.

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Mark Barrus

Mark Barrus is the Director of Healthy Life Centers. I have been in the Hypnosis industry for over 20 years, and have written many articles about the efficacy and effectiveness of Hypnotherapy to overcome unwanted habits and actions. Twenty years of Case Study research and examination have helped me to inform the industry on the results and be a leader in the field. I originally worked with Dr. Richard Neves, the former head of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, training other Hypnotherapists in Advanced Smoking Cessation protocols. In February 2005, we also started Healthy Life Centers, in Orange County, CA