Getting the Right Pet Can Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Mark Barrus
Mark Barrus


Animals can be inspiring and relaxing to young people

Reptile Buddy

Many children also have stressful lives, and out of the ordinary animals can really get them excited.
Exotic animals can really open the minds of people, especially children who become fascinated by these interesting creatures.

Children need to become aware of all animals at an early age, because this is their world when they grow up.

Not to mention that some species are being pushed toward extinction due to Global Warming

Global Warming is effecting Birds and Reptiles in Southwest USA

It’s startling to see such a bleak picture laid out for these wildlife species in the Southwest,” said Collette Adkins Giese, a Center for Biological Diversity biologist and attorney focused on protecting reptiles and amphibians. “Left unchecked, global warming will push many species to the brink of extinction and many more right over the edge.

Dogs, cats, and birds make great pets, but children can really open their minds by being exposed to other animals that live on our planet, and learn that animal protection is critical to their survival.