Anxiety, But it’s Normal to Have Anxiety, Isn’t it?

Anxiety, But it’s Normal to Have Anxiety, Isn’t it?

“Anxiety, But it’s Normal to Have Anxiety, Isn’t it?”
by Elise Fee


Yes and no.
Yes, it’s normal to have a degree of anxiety in stressful situations like speaking to a crowd, interviewing for a job, etc. However, despite the fact that so many people experience high levels of anxiety on a daily basis, it is NOT normal to feel anxiety regularly or at high levels.

So what is too much anxiety?
If you live with a mind that spins and spins, continually running over things-to-do, things that might go wrong, things that you should’ve done differently, things you need to think about, etc., then you are experiencing high anxiety.
If you are not able to relax, sit still, and just “be” for even 15 minutes, then your anxiety is chronic. If you cannot enjoy yourself during pleasurable or relaxing activities, then anxiety is definitely a problem for you.

The good news is you do NOT have to live with excess anxiety, worry, or stress. It is entirely possible to deal with the challenges of life without being overwhelmed by stress – but you need to learn the tools and techniques for HOW to do this. And it all begins with changing the way your subconscious mind is programmed.
Change IS possible.
And while we aren’t taught how to make these changes, it IS possible to rewrite the old mental programming and to replace it with new concepts and ideas that enable you to feel calmer and more peaceful while dealing with life’s challenges.
As a Life Expansion Coach, I use many tools to help my clients create their ideal life. And by far, one of the most powerful tools for creating change is hypnosis. By working with your subconscious mind, we can undo old beliefs that have been tripping you up, uncover the source of your anxiety, and teach you new ways to handle the stresses that life throws at you.
If you have anxiety on a regular basis or feel that anxiety is getting in the way of enjoying your life fully, take the time to call me to find out more.

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Elise Fee is a Consulting Hypnotist, Life Mentor and Writer. She is also a Life Expansion Coach who works one on one with people who are searching for betterment in their lives. Is it your SITUATION that needs to change, or is it YOU? Take the next step and connect with Elise, then watch how you and your life unfold with more ease.