Smoking Bans in Public Housing? Not Fair. Why Single Them Out?

Smoking Bans in Public Housing? Not Fair. Why Single Them Out?

by Mark Barrus
Mark Barrus


The Houston Chronicle has announced that Smoking has been banned at all Houston public housing, Cindy George reports.

Smoking banned at Houston public housing


That means residents are no longer allowed to smoke inside their units, in common areas, in offices or within 25 feet of main entrances.

The policy affects members of the 5,500 families residing in housing authority properties and their guests, as well as agency employees

Assata Richards, the housing authority board’s vice chair, said she championed the policy and was particularly sensitive to concerns expressed by older residents.

“Seniors in high rises would really complain about secondhand smoke and how it was creating health problems for them,” she said. “We really want to be a part of creating safe communities for our residents, particularly our seniors and our children.”


The centers for disease control prevention estimates 44 million Americans smoke every day but is not fair to say go single out one specific group of people that cannot afford their own housing. It should be affecting everybody and not just some people
This is truly not fair, as reported in the news today, The Houston housing authority has created a smoke-free policy and have they imposed this on public housing, many of which are elderly and cannot go outside to smoke if they choose to. This is really not fair to the rest of the residences in Houston, as it singles out people that cannot afford their own housing.
I mean smoking is obviously bad for you, whether it’s first hand, second hand, or third-hand smoke
It is not fair these people be single out especially senior citizens better forced into public housing through no fault of their own


Mark Barrus

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