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Depression and the Journey Within

hypnosis for depression near me

  Many people remember that unforgettable scene in the movie Office Space when Jennifer Aniston was asked if she was having a case of the Mondays. Why do many people dislike Monday? Some people feel like every day is Monday

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Implementing Hypnosis Strategies With Stereotactic Frame Placement

frameless stereotaxy

  Stereotaxy is a new technique in which an illusion is created to give a person a sense of touching something on what is really a flat surface. This augmented reality has been used in non-invasive surgeries. Scientists are continuing

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Clinical Hypnosis To Enhance The Scar & Wound Healing Process

factors affecting wound healing

  Clinical Hypnotherapy for Optimal Wound Healing   The human body continues to amaze and astound. Ongoing research has been conducted to test and go beyond the limits of understanding ways in which the body can heal itself. Wound healing

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Hypnosis Case Studies For Dealing With Pain Control

emotional pain vs physical pain

Looking at the Bigger Picture and Intervention   Dealing with pain can be a very subjective matter because it is often difficult to measure how badly a person feels. In recent years, research has come out to show that there

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The Clearance Protocol – Hunting for the Root

Graeme Harvey

Written By Graeme Harvey CHt, DipPLR, DipFLP.     Some six decades ago medical scientists in Australia identified the correlation between stress and damage to the immune system along with self-esteem, confidence etc. To this day there are regular reports

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Uncovering The Benefits Of Total Retrieval Time And Hypermnesia

hypermnesia cases

Hypermnesia Symptoms How many phone numbers can you remember without looking at your mobile phone? Can you explain in great detail about the movie that you watched over three months ago? There used to be a time where memory never

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Can Hypnosis Be Used To Treat Conversion Disorders?

how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly

Conversion Disorder Deficiency   Conversion disorder is when there is a deficiency that adversely influences the motor and sensory results in the body. In a lot of cases, this is described by indicating neurological problems; nonetheless, the current study determines

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Can Hypnosis Be Effectively Be Used To Treat Burn Victims?

hypnosis for nerve pain

  In 2016, the American Burn Association reported that over four hundred and eighty thousand incidents occurred and which people experienced burn injuries in which they had to receive some type of medical examination. While many are minor, patients that

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Hypnosis: How Past Life Regressions Can Explain The Unexplainable

what is past life regression and how does it work

Past Life:  Have You Lived Before?   It appears that the topic of past lives or reincarnation is gaining momentum. What was once seen as a far-left ideology, this topic is becoming more and more common amongst everyday folks. What

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Healthy Life Centers Videos

Mark Barrus

The Complete Guide to E-Cigs and Why They’re Just as Bad as Smoking   Hypnosis For Fibromyalgia Pain – Updated January 2022   Locations | Healthy Life Centers | Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, No Stress   Anesthesia Hypnosis

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